Our Products

quality policy

Africure is committed to the health of Africans and hence has set up state of the art manufacturing facilities in key geographies of Africa.

Our Plants are cGMP compliant and manufacture formulations to the exacting standards of the respective Pharmacopoeias.

Our quality management systems are designed so as to ensure that the products manufactured are done in an uniform and standardized manner and that the entire manufacturing process is SOP driven and under continuous oversight of quality assurance/quality control so as to ensure that we achieve the expected outcomes with minimal deviations.

Our objective is to ensure that our commitment to manufacturing high quality products is topmost and that patients consuming our medication enjoy the full effectiveness and are on a quick road to recovery.

Key to our quality objectives are

  • Using high quality material from approved sources after complete testing.
  • Continuous monitoring of the production process from a quality perspective.
  • Studying the quality metrics of products produced in terms of CDP and stability and undertaking course correction in areas where we see challenges.
  • Ensuring that our facilities are well maintained and compliant at all times.
  • Ensuring that our people are continuously trained so as to keep them abreast of recent developments in the pharmaceutical manufacturing space and providing them with an environment that is conducive to keeping them motivated.

These quality objectives are what will drive each of our units and will be the foundation of our manufacturing programs and enablers for our mission and vision statements.